Sometimes the sea calls so loudly that it is almost impossible to ignore.
So this South-London girl went in search of adventures; of rock-pools and sandy toes, of salty sea-spray and wintery storms that make the windows creak ominously.
With my son and daughter, a dog and a camera, we found home by the wild shores in Cornwall.


About Natalie

Natalie Mckenzie-Brown is the owner of Mckenzie Brown Photography and an International Professional Photographer and Business Coach.

Natalie has over 20 years experience of working in the Photographic and Film Industries, from small creative businesses to giant film production companies such as Paramount and Working Title.  For the past 9 years she has run a successful wedding photography business and has been published extensively online and in print. She holds an International Business Coaching Certification and coaches other creatives on how to create success in their business.